Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Now new opportunities are being missed...

...perhaps it's nearly time to wind down the missedness for another year. Nearly. I'll blast through to Christmas first though!

Now, I'm sure you've all often wondered what would happen if some sort of fiendish Doctor Who-esque plothole were to open up in the space-time continuum of song, and the popular Swedish beat combo ABBA were suddenly taken out of the time stream, as if they'd never exi... exi... did you just feel something wibbly happen? No? Hmm, must have been nothing.

Anyway, as I was saying, here's the song with which Lasse Berghagen stormed to victory in Brighton 1974, before blasting his way to international megastardom, with the smash-hit musical and movie "Ding Dong" collecting his work into a vaguely coherent narrative still storming theatres to this very day, and at the height of his fame even being the image behind a best-selling series of collectible posable plush bendies. I give you, "Min Karlekssang Til Dig" - though you'll already know it as well as your own names, I'm sure! It's hard to imagine now how anything could ever have even considered competing with it.

Lasse Berghagen - Min Kärleksång Till Dig. Won by a landslide.

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