Saturday, 29 October 2011

For all our Norwegian visitors.....

I was trawlling NRK's website and came across MGP 2008 and this genius! - Whilst it is an advert for Eurovision singers not to sing live, it's also bloody ace!
Genius.... That is all!!

Unfortunately, though, they are not this lot which are a genuine missed opportunity....
Opportunity? - Meet Missed!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

You're a Missed Opportunity.

For this week's opportunity of missedness, we're heading down to the tiny Pacific island archipelago of eSpain, nestling in the Alps between Andorra and Portugal, and their national preselection of 2004. 2005? Assuredly yes! Those witchcrafty minxes Son de Sol did indeed beat some other people to get that coveted ticket to wherever it was that year. These were four of them.*

Las Supremas de Mostoles - Eres Un Enfermo. Would have won on a 1.5% swing.

*Note to self - remember to double-check this paragraph before publication just in case minor factual errors have crept in.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Call me Bubbles, Dahling.... Everybody does...

I've found the song that Walliams and the other one clearly saw while checking out Bubbles Devere.... It doesnt do what I expected it to do, it's some sort of schlager-ballad mix... and yet..... it has a certain something!! - Clearly my unexpected falling over accident that I have earlier on today has addled my brain!!
Call him 3rd, dahling, everyone did!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Well swipe me, complains!!

As you can see - I've stuck a links list on the right hand side of the page, If you know of any links that want to be added here, mail me at and i'll endeavour to shove them up here, and the main site ( has been moaning that you are leaving her out of your OnEurope experience and she requests your company! - You'll find all the usual bits on their too - after all, this is supposed to suppliment that!

In visitor news, as you clearly all care (!), the blog is running at DOUBLE the number of hits as last year, even if we exclude the porn spam attack of visits mid month ( grrr) so, ta!, but the main site is running at less than half. I shouldnt complain, cos one way or another they are both "OnEurope", but...... cheer me up will yer!

In Video news, I have decided to go back to 2004 for a song that even the excel spreadsheet doing the votes gave 0 to! - Thankfully Switzerland have learnt from their mistakes - as have Monaco ( who, having had NO ONE televote, decided to enter a 0 return, hence making the scoreboad do weird things!)
It must be pretty bad to know that even a random computer glitch can't make your song score any points!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A missed arsebiscuits.

Dammit. I'd written some perfectly good idle whimsy linking this to Steps, the Stone Roses and the greater glories of Israel at Eurovision, and Blogger's gone and swallowed it. Well, I can't be bothered rewriting it, so you'll just have to imagine how it might have gone.

Arse and, indeed, biscuits.
Lizette och Bizazz - Som Om Himlen Brann. It nearly did, remarkably...

Monday, 17 October 2011

Readers Letter.......

For the first time in about 2 years, i've had a readers letter!!

Mark Butler writes:

"Did you see this - her coach must be Ukrainian"

I've always wondered how Rythmic Gymnastics and Eurovision would weld together in my minds eye, and I know you lot have too - enjoy and thanks Mark!!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

For my weekly post. I am going... the dutch speaking bit of Belgium! ( you remember them, the bit that doesnt acknowledge the French or German bit!)!!
They only get a go every other year, so they make their selection as convoluted as possible - and rightly so!.  For this upload, I have gone with ........

<edit> - I was going to do something benign - but shit me, I found the best thing ever! - The Belgians should do off-key schlager more often and indeed run out of words towards the end and, if you listen very carefully, you can almost hear them counting the dance steps as they sing... " 5..6..7..8.."

Talisman..... hmmmmmmm... It didn't, but it is genius!!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Missed Opportunitree.

2010 was a strange year around eastern and central Europe. People thought the route to success involved dressing up as trees. There is an alternative universe where 20 minutes into semifinal 1, we hit a run of some Slovakian people dressed up as fairly accomplished trees, Kuunkuiskaajat respectfully leaving their preview trees behind in Finland, and then some Latvian people dressed up as really rather unconvincing trees.

Naturally, I'm focussing on the unconvincing ones. To be honest, it's just an excuse to go all fanboy on Kuunkuiskaajat again for the first time in ages...

Konike - Digi Digi Dong. They really didn't.

Finnish trees!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Is this REALLY the land of opportunity (missed)?

So, much to our surprise, we find ourselves being chivvied towards a Maltese expedition in February. I was leaning towards Portugal, himself was tempted by Sweden, and I suppose if you draw a line between the two then Valletta could be on the midpoint - well, so long as it's not an especially straight line, anyway.

This leads me to research what a Maltasong trip might actually mean in terms of missed opportunity. In 2003, for example, it didn't have to be Lynn Chircop that went to Planet Latvia. It could easily have been Lawrence Gray. I'm not sure which one's Lawrence and which one's Gray... I suspect that neither is either, but it's so hard to be confident on these questions.

Lawrence Gray - Why Not, as demonstrated by two small hyperactive dogs. They didn't win.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

And now I have the blogger app on my I phone

Content ahoy? I should think so!!! In gastronomy related matters I think the next picture will show that anyone who thinks cheese and breakfast pie are as good an idea as Baku and Eurovision, or Sweden and Glowsticks.

Its gonna kill me to say this but.....

I have decided not to go to Baku this year!!

Now don't cry or panic. We will still have a presence out there live. Your trusted Roy D Hacksaw and your mysterious Estonian correspondant will give you all the news, and your long suffering webmaster and his able thunderbird Nick will still chip in with news n rehearsal reviews n things!!!

In reality, the lack of accred last year annoyed me, but not to a giving up degree. The distance, lack of coherent organisation or venue plus the expected accommodation price hikes meant I could not justify 17 days in glorious Baku!!

I remain to be swayed to go, but right now..... Nope!!!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

So you've doubled the number of visitors in September, yeah....

(thank you) and you only come here for Cheese and Eurovision during May, apparently, according to the BBC - but what do they know ;))

In recognition of your sterling efforts, a soupcon of videoness - ooh and if you could visit too - it'll be getting more alive as the weeks go on, that would be great!

Bebi Doll, Didn't win - but was shocked it scored ONE!