Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Is this REALLY the land of opportunity (missed)?

So, much to our surprise, we find ourselves being chivvied towards a Maltese expedition in February. I was leaning towards Portugal, himself was tempted by Sweden, and I suppose if you draw a line between the two then Valletta could be on the midpoint - well, so long as it's not an especially straight line, anyway.

This leads me to research what a Maltasong trip might actually mean in terms of missed opportunity. In 2003, for example, it didn't have to be Lynn Chircop that went to Planet Latvia. It could easily have been Lawrence Gray. I'm not sure which one's Lawrence and which one's Gray... I suspect that neither is either, but it's so hard to be confident on these questions.

Lawrence Gray - Why Not, as demonstrated by two small hyperactive dogs. They didn't win.


  1. For those following Challenge Baku Builders at Eurovision - the Maltese final is January 28th!! ;)

  2. January 28th, eh? That's got to affect the whole idea of an expedition in February...