Sunday, 23 October 2011

Well swipe me, complains!!

As you can see - I've stuck a links list on the right hand side of the page, If you know of any links that want to be added here, mail me at and i'll endeavour to shove them up here, and the main site ( has been moaning that you are leaving her out of your OnEurope experience and she requests your company! - You'll find all the usual bits on their too - after all, this is supposed to suppliment that!

In visitor news, as you clearly all care (!), the blog is running at DOUBLE the number of hits as last year, even if we exclude the porn spam attack of visits mid month ( grrr) so, ta!, but the main site is running at less than half. I shouldnt complain, cos one way or another they are both "OnEurope", but...... cheer me up will yer!

In Video news, I have decided to go back to 2004 for a song that even the excel spreadsheet doing the votes gave 0 to! - Thankfully Switzerland have learnt from their mistakes - as have Monaco ( who, having had NO ONE televote, decided to enter a 0 return, hence making the scoreboad do weird things!)
It must be pretty bad to know that even a random computer glitch can't make your song score any points!

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