Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Its gonna kill me to say this but.....

I have decided not to go to Baku this year!!

Now don't cry or panic. We will still have a presence out there live. Your trusted Roy D Hacksaw and your mysterious Estonian correspondant will give you all the news, and your long suffering webmaster and his able thunderbird Nick will still chip in with news n rehearsal reviews n things!!!

In reality, the lack of accred last year annoyed me, but not to a giving up degree. The distance, lack of coherent organisation or venue plus the expected accommodation price hikes meant I could not justify 17 days in glorious Baku!!

I remain to be swayed to go, but right now..... Nope!!!


  1. Have I missed New Year's Day, or are you just leaving yourself an 'accidental' loophole? :-)

    Just to be clear, I'm not going to Baku in 2012. It's too many expensives, it really is (probably would have been for me even if they'd had it in London, candidly).

    We haven't yet totally ruled out a short but entertaining expedition to a randomly selected National Final in the spring, however. Spin that wheel!

  2. Go to Malta Song for Europe 2012!! You are needed!