Wednesday, 25 January 2012

So - 17 weeks on Saturday ( or there abouts)

Some of you will be in a half built hall in the arse end of nowhere watching the best 26 countries compete for the grand prix.  Good luck with that one ;)

Really though, would you trust Azeri's equivalent of Bob da Builder to get the place complete and ready on time?! - I'm slightly doubtful - still, there isnt a back up plan now......

Or is there?! ;p


  1. Your comment is based on prejudice.You have no proof to what you say.
    According to latest reports from Baku the reference group has yesterday(25/1/2012) officially confirmed the under construction venue see link:

    I think it means they are convinced it will be ready in time.
    To be honest, the chances that it will be ready on time are bigger than if the same thing would happen in a Western country, labour issues and staff like that, you know.

  2. firstly - I think you've missed the sarcasm!
    Secondly - I still have doubts....

    1. Sarcasm?-I got it in the first half of your post.

      Doubts-you may have one, and you are a journalist by occupation(I think), and if you have doubts, build them on facts and not on rumours or feelings.

    2. Actually, we're strictly hobbyist journos (apart from Hacksaw, who maintains that he's a real journo... but he also maintains that he's a musician and it's all his own hair, so who can tell?).

      I think anyone from the most fervent supporter to the most vociferous doubter would agree that it's a hugely ambitious construction project with a tight deadline, and if it were here in the UK we'd certainly either miss the deadline or end up with something held together by string and sellotape! This corner of OnEurope still doesn't think it's possible, and when I sit back at home to watch Europe gathering in the Crystal Hall in late May... I still won't think it was possible. :-)

  3. Last I looked I was an IT Service Desk Manager - but thanks for the promotion - can I have the pay to go with it?! ;)

    Apology accepted!

  4. When you wrote about the half built hall, I thought that you are a psychic, but after entirely reading it I understood that you are just a small-minded jealous sticker! You’ll live all your life in that way! Good luck!