Saturday, 6 October 2012

This may court controversy but...

With Love Baby by witloof bay should have got through!!! I've had no libations yet I hasten to add!!!


  1. To quote Scarlet from River City 'a yer awf yer heid'!

    Having said that i dont think With Love Baby was without its charms - it got what it deserved in my opinion, a narrow miss.

  2. It's interesting you mentioned that. When there was just a studio track, None of us rated it at all. It sounded weird and even though the singers were all more than capable, it just didn't seem to evoke anything. When we watched that semi final with my husband's sister and her fiancee, we were on fire. Their performance was so good and so convincing and actually cool! We were gutted they didn't go through. They REALLY should have.