Tuesday, 11 June 2013

So it's all calmed down??

Thank the lord, the blow up about the so-called fixing scandal and "money" has died a death and we can get back to the real focus of the Off-Season...

Wackyness, Cheese, 70's TV Themes and all other nonsense that makes you visit here on a semi regular basis!

Firstly - Bestest thing eva... Part 34.  See how far you can get without laughing....

Secondly, as promised, Cheese! - Danish Cheese no less...  Your mother warned you there would be days like this, and she was right - some lovely blue cheese!! - There are pics of a cheese board that I could put on here, but I wouldn't want to titillate you too much at this stage of the year.

And you come here why?! - Ah yes, for the Eurovision stuff..... None of that at the moment, but more 70's themes? - Why the devil not!!

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