Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Shaiiiiii. I have

Had another go and a tinker.  Can you take a look :-)


  1. Phil,

    the current blue is better and is the same as the current blue on the main site.
    Question is if you intend to keep the blue forever or change it from time to time.

    The concept of slide is been used by several Eurovision sites(Escinsight and Eurovision Ireland, to name few), I think u can make a bit smaller.At current size it take the whole focus of the page(which may be what you want from it).

    You may want to give a different colour scheme to the blog, as contrast to the main page, however this is not a main issue.More a question of taste and handiness.

    hope it helps.

  2. The black letters on the blue background is a bad idea.
    it's very difficult to read on some of the shades of blue.

    The lens effect, which get opened when you stand on the read more button is a nice touch.