Monday, 16 May 2011

Well it appears

That this is going to be our new home - Looks good doesnt it! - Well not one to start with a whimper, I suggest a photo to announce our arrival - and this came to mind!

Stay Cheezy Europe!! ;)


  1. In the spirit of this blog.
    How appropriate.


  2. Hurrah. You can comment here as easily as the other place.

  3. Haba Spargel? Wheeeee....!

  4. Your new 'take it cheezy' slogan had mixed results in my household. My wife said it was disgusting and threatened circumcision.

    Anyway, I'm sort of looking forward to Azerbaijan (though gay people are apparently despised in that country - so that should be interesting).

    OnEurope has proved this year that it is relevant and very entertaining, despite not being in the arena/pwa.

    I loved Mister Roy, Drashig, Ralph, Nick and Franko. And, of course, a certain Phil Colclough.

    Roll on Eurovision 2012!