Saturday, 4 June 2011

I'm not dead.... yet

Just lots and lots of work going on on the site, AND I have an exam on June 14th!

I have just about redesigned the 2012 index page at -  go and check it out and comment if you like it ( click the boxes below).

Nick seems to be suggesting that the Maltese Jury are a little bit.. suspect... hmmmmm ;)) - no comment your honour!


  1. Maltese jury suspect? I'm pretty sure that's only in my fevered imagination! :-) Anyway, my record on being right about Malta is... patchy, at best. See also "Morena's straight into the final before she even opens her mouth"!

  2. Using the flags is good. And if you can make the flags move at the moment u have updated the information, could be a nice touch.

    Just change the brown back ground.I can't stand it