Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Now, we're not going to Baku but....

You are going to get an way trip for team OnEurope. We are off to Malta
In Late January to cover my first and Nicks manyth international national final!!!

Its not 17 days in Baku, granted, but it's the closest we'll all get this year.

I trust you'll want cheese and stuff?!?! And remember franko's memorable trip to Valletta in years past, what could possibly go wrong?!?!?!

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  1. Good word, "manyth". I've done that Swedish Melody Challenge thingy a couple of times (2004, 2005... it was enough), and something approximating to a UK final a couple of times (Sonia forgetting the words and going off for costume changes every five minutes, Wogan introducing pre-recorded clips of Imaani et al, and Dzaimss Foxss beating off allcomers with a free pack of BBC crisps and carton of BBC orange juice).

    It'll be tough for Maltasong '12 to be either my best or my worst NF experience...