Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Remind me why (live blog)

Watching the Swiss Italian regional final was a good idea???

Sarah green from going live has sung the first song, and what a divine choice that was !!!!!

Song 2, best worst thing ever. If you get to YouTube this later, you really must. It was hideous, Elsie hideous in fact but fab!!!

Song 3. Faux 80s rock. Best thing in it!!!

Song 4. Zzzzzz

Song 5. Entitled unbreakable, unbearable more like!!!

Unfortunately two terrible songs to finish with!!!!

Then they sing volare badly. Is it over??? Yes almost
More later


  1. Wow! Reading that is almost like being there!

  2. Being there would have been LESS exciting. A nightclub in Ticino with Barbera Berta.