Saturday, 18 February 2012

Now - usually my faves dont qualify, however.....

However, Latvia have picked this year's ONEUROPE entry for the ESC.  Really? - OH YES - Listen to the lyric and tell me you don't love it!!


  1. Your friend and colleague Roy Hacksaw has written this about the Latvian song:

    "There were quite a few interesting songs in the Latvian final. One of them had a really smart and thoughtful self-parodying post-modern lyric. Unfortunately it wasn’t this one.

    Instead, the song that won was cloyingly smug and terribly pleased with itself at how clever clever it was. Just listen to the words and cringe. Then cringe again.

    If science could work out a way to actually punch a song, I’d certainly help with the fundraising."

    take shelter as I sense a fight comeing upon us:)

  2. I'm webmaster - my house, my rules - its ace!!
    Thats no fight - thats just a disagreement ;o)

  3. i am with you on it.I liked the song when it was chosen and still find it a very sweet song.