Monday, 30 April 2012

Der Coutdown Läuft

I realise the Countdown 'läuftete' weeks ago, but it's the best I can think of.

Said countdown to the Baku bunfight is getting shorter, so I thought I’d share with you some reports I’ve received of how the lunacy is faring in the UK of stuff.

So I hear anyway, it was a busy weekend some fannage, drinking in the delights of Europe’s favourite TV show in the salubrious (or not) hot spots of London and Manchester. I’ll take London first.

Writers for this website were involved in the running of said event, so I can only talk in the most glowing terms about it. The party venue was suitably packed with slightly overpriced beverages – pricey for a northerner like me anyway – but some of the usual wallopers were there to perform to a loose collection of appreciators of fine music, appreciators of Schlager, and people with no better place to be on a Sunday night in Soho.

Admittedly, I hear most of the performances were pretty good. Air miles Anggun dropped in and did an act involving blowing on stage. Luckily for us it was to blow out the candles on her 38th birthday cake. Our ‘Dream girl’ Valentina sang an almost identical song twice. Eva Boto proved how tall she was – Omar Naber proved the opposite. One singer even took time out from negotiating the course at Epsom. And Donatas Montvydas never showed up. Still, his loss.

Manchester on the other hand was a fun night of preview-ness. I understand some wanfank (I think that’s the phrase) did rather well and there were free shots for everyone. And there was a disco until dawn I think.

Yours truly will of course be in Baku and there might be a Riigi with the stars feature, filling the void left by Franko – who will be there in spirit (and free beer). But of course as I cannot reveal my identity, precautions will be taken.

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