Sunday, 18 November 2012

Bananas, BTRC, Baltic republics and Bon Bons

So what has been happening in the world of Europe’s favourite TV show? I realise that our esteemed webmaster will be posting updates, but is it just me, or is the ‘season’ starting earlier and earlier every year? I’m going to leave SVT’s plans for the draw aside, as Nick has been very eloquent about it already.

Some countries have sorted out their national finals and we have four, yes, four (count them) in December. The Swiss are ace (provided the Confederation picks the right song) in that they have plumped for the Monkey but ditched Siegel (ha ha ha). Kreuzlingen on 15 December will be a fun place this year. It’s a pity Riigi’s funds won’t stretch to it.

Those White Russians out east pick even earlier! Friday 7 December to be exact. At least, this Belarus’s first final. Maybe they suspect all won’t be hunky dory so they’re leaving time for a future one. Cynical, moi?

Then we have Lithuania. Now I still don’t think they get Eurovision, but somehow manage to always come up smelling of roses. They’ve given us the delights of Sasha Son – he who likes to cram as many words into three minutes as possible. They’ve given us Evelina Sašenko – she with the dirge (say no more). And they’ve given us Donny Montell – their very own Corinna May tribute act, except he likes to throw in an air guitar movement when we least expect it. Are there going to be any diamonds in the dirt on 20 December? I think not, but I’ve been at Eurovisions since 1868 and I still no nothing.

Our final, erm, December final is in Albania. Confession time: I used to think Kengës was a town in Albania until I realised, not so long ago, that it actually means song.  Now we all know the drill there. They faff around for a few nights, pick a song, then change everything about the song in the subsequent months. But the delightful Kejsi Tola's and Anjeza Shahini’s names have cropped up again (I'm personally intrigued by the Bon Bon Band), so it could be an interesting little show to tune into while you’re wrapping up those last Christmas pressies.

Keep it real

Riigi x

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