Sunday, 18 November 2012

Just in case you missed it....

We *did* the Monkey!

Anthony Bighead and his seminal work have got to the Swiss final in but three weeks time, beating lumineres like Mariella Farre and Lys Assis ( who demanded a wild card for no other reason than she was Lys Assis - Ralph Siegel, FUCK OFF!!)

Now on to Kreuzlingen!

Also, OnEurope appears to be off to Malta again this year ("stuff" willing) - where we shall dine at the Basilico Restaurant on the infinite Cheese Plate of Doom, avail ourselves of some Winter Sun and trot the 20 minute taxi ride out to a tent next to the National Stadium of Malta for some "music".  NickD of this parish helpfully made my mind up for me by pointing out that OnEurope Fanz Fave, DeborahC, was entering a song called "Love-A-Holic" - The clincher was a message of the book of face by said NickD stating that "With a title like that... it's bound to be GENIUS".

He could well be right - especially as this is some of her finest work...

Who are we to argue if she continues to enter genius such as this - She'll get my vote from the front row in Ta Qali and no mistake!!

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