Saturday, 17 September 2011

I've been trawling the depths of that barrel

It seems that NickD of this parish has set an incredibly low Swedish Standard and it is up to me to rescue this blog and site in order to give you the music you deserve.....

Then I thought, "Frick that!!" and decided to see how far down we can actually go!
Firstly, I thought of this.... back from the days where  a 56k baud rate was shockingly quick but the level of music was still at 14.4k

Netherlands Post still have a job after this e-mail!!

Then, after mopping up the blood from my aural orifices, and still not thinking that this was a bad idea, I stayed with The Netherlands.  Now, whilst Maribel was winning, clearly someone else had opened the Dulux Pastel Pallette and thought " hmmmm, thats nice... now, if only I could write a song around people wearing this...."
.....And so it was!!

**edit** - I was having a quiet trawl through YouTube, and spotted this that I missed from the Dutch Barrel, how remiss of me!!

3 budding Basil Brush impersonators?!

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