Sunday, 25 September 2011

Turophiles of the world, unite!!

You lot are needy!! - You have wanted content for years, and now you get it, and you visit.  If only it had been this easy years ago.

Anyhoo, for MY missed opportunity i'm delving into the contest proper.  Yes, I know I really shouldn't, but I think that I must!! - The year is 1994.... when the World wanted to be more Irish than Ireland.... all except, well...... the country that is out on its own.  When the chips are down, and Europe is in recession, one can always count on the Greeks to be, well, Grek!!

It's about a boat and a fisherman apparently... Shame, they need the commerce now to kickstart their economy!!

In more Turophilic matters, as  I know thats what you come here for and not the Eurovision, oh dear me no, It has come to my attention that Azeri Cheese does not figure high on the list of foodstuffs to be served to foreign delegations in a half built stadium in Baku-on-sea.  Principally because I could not find any pics of any!! Thank god I think I am not going ( to be confirmed), a Eurovision without Cheese?, the very nerve!!

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