Wednesday, 7 September 2011

More Danish M.O., vicar?

Emboldened by what happened last time I visited Denmark for this thing (the response was a very welcome bit of Alfs Poiers, and you can't really have too many bitses of Alfs Poierses in my opinion), I'm heading back. It wasn't all Bertha Kerr in 1989, you know... it was also very lovely interesting understated studio songs being wrecked by being sung just a shade too big in the final 45 seconds or so in an attempt to get noticed. A tad overcooked. Just a mere soupcon of a modicum of trying a little too hard...

Pia Cohn - Nu Er Jeg Blot En Stemme. It didn't win.


  1. Why is she singing about AirCon?!

  2. I think she's upset that the aircon dies in weather where she turns it on. It's a valid complaint, really, and I hope she kept the receipt.

  3. I am looking for something suitable to reply with... ;)