Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Denmark, land of opportunity (missed)

I know I'll regret going to Denmark for our little musical tour, as Phil is heavily armed with deeply distressing missed Danish opportunity and there'll probably be either a scatter-gun bombardment or a precision strike of awfulness within 20 minutes of him reading this. Nevertheless, I shall take the punt.

It's a double dose of decisive Danish winningness for the week. The performers - 37 years' span of ESC winningness. The songs... 1 year's span of not so much. But it was the late 1970s and DR had only just come back from a long holiday and they'd pretty much forgotten how to do it, so we can forgive them. I think.

Olsen Brothers - San Francisco. Didn't win.

Grethe Ingmann and Bjarne Liller - Alt Er Skont. Didn't win.

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