Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A Missed Missed Opportunity and an Unmissed Missed Opportunity.

So I was chatting with Phil last night about possible MO's for the week, and I suggested Katie Lovely from the 2001 Irish final - a song with great resonance in OnEurope circles, as it spawned our beloved Katie Hideous. More than one song in the years since has been totally Katie Hideous.

"That'll do nicely!" he replied, which is a sure indicator that I need to keep looking.

So I found this instead, from the UK. 1962 is about as far back as I'm ever likely to go for this feature, and I can't even find any visuals for it. Just a nice little YouTube video featuring a long, lingering shot of the record sleeve (remember when records had sleeves? Remember "records"? Remember "music permanently stored on physical media"?). Oh dear. Showing my age again...

Donna Douglas - The Message In A Bottle. It didn't win.

[EDIT] - Hey, I'll tell you what... I don't think that's a record sleeve at all. I think that's the front cover of a piece of sheet music. Heavens above!

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