Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I predict a trio... of Missed Opportunithrees!

So yeah, it's all a bit miserable here on the little island at the moment. Riots this, riots that, riots the other... and I'm a Scrabble player.

Natural enough, then that in contrast to sane people, my thoughts have frequently turned to trios this week - and I've got a trio of trios for you. Three is, indeed, the magic number!

We start in 1989, in some provincial theatre that they'd just opened in Stockholm. Not sure what happened to it, I suppose it still gets occasional gigs now and then. This bunch of reprobates, together with their hair, finished an appropriate third. Which was probably about right.

I'd ideally at this point introduce one of the many trios from the UK Song For Europe 1983, which really was Trio Central - but they seem to have largely disappeared from the YouTubesphere. Pity. I've found something from 1986 here instead, which is about one third hair and about two-thirds slightly worrying looking minders. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he's got another boyfriend on the far side of town, quite honestly. It's utterly refusing to embed, also, so let's linkify it instead. Probably saves a bit of bandwidth anyway.

Finally - finalement - finallich - a little complaint. Looking for Israeli missed opportunities in Hebrew is a living hell for a Latinate alphaphile like myself, so this week you're not getting the rather awesome Ah'avat David from the 1995 Kdam as I can't find it, and will have to settle for this strange thing from 1996 which stretches the trio theme of the night considerably further than it will go. For a start, there seem to be about six of the buggers...


  1. I have tried to find you the song from the 1995 Kdam.can't find it and I have tried it in Hebrew.If you have the name of the singer I may be able to find it for you.On you tube there are about 3-4 songs from that Kdam.incl. Dana's Good Night Europe.

  2. Hi Shai - according to the excellent National Finals site, they were called Bnot Ya'akov. It's possible that no-one's got round to doing a full upload on that year's Kdam, though. A shame, I have it on VHS (no means of converting it though) and it was a pretty good year. :-)

  3. Hi Nick,
    Sorry but I can't locate the song.
    From that Kdam there are only 3 video's loaded. On the discography of the group, the song is non existence.
    Can't even remember the song.
    OAGE Israel, may be able to help you more than I did.

  4. Thanks for trying! No worries, there's plenty else in the internets that I can use to keep things interesting over the coming weeks. Maybe I'll Sweden things up a bit...