Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Nick Potter and the Half-Baked Missed Opportunity

Now, long-term readers will know that we at OnEurope have a love-hate relationship with the good people of Belgium. Specifically, those who live in Brussels and try to eke out a living by either forcing people to sign petitions for the homeless people-children of Europe or charging 5 Euros for a thimbleful of beer that wouldn't make a flea drunk or trying to turn a small model of a building that was never actually built in 1958 into a tourist attraction; those people are firmly on our Not Love list, and they're at best borderline for our Good People list.

Other Belgians are, of course, available. Like Matiz. Matiz really ought to have been somewhere close to the plane to Jerusalem in 1999, but VRT weren't really on their best form and decided to send I've Got The Windy Pops or something instead, leaving poor Matiz stuck in the semi-final with a points total to match the title of the song.

I think it's actually fairly cool.

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