Monday, 21 January 2013

Are we getting excited yet?

So we've had the first weekend of note for national finals, and I am quite pleased.

Let's take our SAD-ridden friends in Finland first.  A modest little show, to eliminate one - yes, one - song.  This unlucky song, or unlucky depending on your perspective, was the exquisitely named Ilari Hämäläinen.  To quote a certain Wogan "there's so much diaeresis, it's like an outbreak of measles".  The diamond in the UMK dirt though has to be the band Rautakoura.  They're cool and the have a BANJO!!!  What could be better?  Let's hope the good people of Finland see sense and they get through the second chance bunfight on 31 January.  To be fair, the song by Diandra that's already made the final is fairly good.  So I wouldn't be surprised if she's socialising in some over-priced bar in Malmö in May.

Then we had Norway.  I didn't actually watch it live cos alcohol was calling me instead.  But when I did watch it, it was an OK show.  not brilliant, but OK. But that said, I think the three most interesting songs made it to the final.  Vidar Busk is a 1960s throwback, sort of like a Patrick Ouchène tribute act.  Quite amusing.  Then Datarock, who reminded me a little of Michael Hutchence.  Again an interesting choice.  And then there was Gromth. But not just <insert word here> metal collective Gromth.  They had an ace up their sleeve.  Emil Solli-Tangen no less.  Opera meets metal.  I thought it worked.  I can't wait to see it in the final, if alcohol isn't calling me instead.

This site's webmaster will have posted details of forthcoming events somewhere on here, so there are bound to be more gems coming up.  And don't forget, Winny Puhh on 16 February is coming up.


Riigi x

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