Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Pots of countries

So in a mere 24 hours time we'll know which country will be performing in which semi-final.  This Balt cannot wait!  Will we be looking at a Balkan carve-up in one semi-final?  Will the Siamese conjoined twins of Greece and Cyprus be ruthlessly separated?  Will Armenia and Azerbaijan be having their customary love-in on 14 May?

Just so you know, here are those all important pots:

Pot 1 ("Deepest Balkans and Pay-de-merde"): Albania, Croatia, Macedonia FYR, Montenegro, Serbia, Switzerland.

Pot 2 ("Balto-Nordo-Hibernia"): Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania.

Pot 3 ("The Eastern European Marches"): Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine.

Pot 4 ("Odds and sods"): Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Netherlands

Pot 5 ("Central Europe and Serene Republics"): Austria, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, San Marino, Slovenia.

I'm pretty sure several of the websites dedicated to 'Europe's favourite TV show' will be giving you all sorts of brainily critical analysis very soon.  But maybe what we should do is take it as it is, and just wonder how some countries will afford a two week hotel bill.

Catch you later.

Riigi  x


  1. So where is Israel? (he asked with not a shred of petty nationalism in his voice)

  2. It's already been determined that Israel will be in the second semi-final, due to a holiday in that country I understand. Norway is also in the second semi-final, with Denmark in the first.


  3. Yes, I realized that when watching the allocation draw... we have so many national holidays and ESC tends to fall on one of them. IT's either Independence day, Shavuot, memorial day...