Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Wanfank, or just pure genius?

There, I’ve got your attention. Now it’s not often I comment on the whys or wherefores of other websites, but how many of you out there in Interweb land took an interest in the Top 250 of 2012 on a certain ESC Radio-based website? You probably know which one I’m talking about. 

Anyways, you may have seen which ones filled the top 10 places, but there was a lot of predictability about it all. It would be a very dull old Eurovisionworld if we all liked the same stuff, but seriously, is the one that won REALLY that good? In this humble Balt’s opinion, no.

Ranking Eurovision songs is always a matter of interest to me, and I think my taste tends to fly in the face of the typical Eurovision fan. So maybe when the aforementioned Interweb radio station starts to compile its list for the end of 2013, some subversion might be in order.

So vote for something original, perhaps something in the contest over 10 years old. Or Estonian.

Happy New Year!!

Riigi x

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