Saturday, 29 December 2012

...and it's Happy New Year from me

You’ll have seen by now that Webmaster Phil has put a comment or two down below and on this website’s Facebook page.  But I’d like to add that it’s a pleasure to write occasionally for this site.  Many thanks to Phil and the rest of the team for putting up with me (that is, if they know who I am).  And to you, the discerning reader, for looking at this blog.  My ‘employer’ probably knows that I write for this site, but I do it when I’m off duty so there’s no problem.

Twenty Twelve has been a good year.  Maybe not a great year, but most definitely a good one.  From two countries choosing songs for the 2012 fest in 2011, it seemed a long one.  It’s all loony, and that’s why we like it.  Singing grannies with revolving bread ovens; women with dresses on fire; songs about Facebook social websites; girls swallowing snowflakes; rap sung in a farmer’s dialect; twins outstaying their welcome.  And outstanding ballads finishing third and sixth (J).

What do we have to look forward to?  Lots of 2013 songs chosen in 2012 (confusing innit), a slightly smaller contest, ‘a draw to suit all the songs equally’, fewer rehearsal days and no seating for the fannage.  This little black duck will be in sin-city Malmö (and maybe its sister city København) to bring you all the fun and games on what will prove to be an interesting year.  Will the Greeks actually send a singer to Malmö?  Will the UK of stuff send someone under the age of 65?  Will the Estonian national final be the best of the bunch – again?

If you’re still reading, I hope what’s left of 2012 is good to you, and have a great 2013 travelling around this fair continent to watch national finals lasting five hours.  And keep reading.  You never know, Riigi might one of these days pick a winner.

Keep smiling, cos I love ya all


PS - If you do know who I am, don't let on, as it preserves the magic! 

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