Saturday, 15 December 2012

Swiss National Final Live Blog - Updating here throughout the evening

2109 - Results time..  3 names in random order.  1st one, Heilsarmee.2nd one, JESSIE RITCH (wtf) and third one is.... Carousell (wtf... again).  Winner is....... Heilsarmee

2058 - voting over.  Time to count the votes while Sinplus remind us who they are. 

2039 - Back to the jury for some more pointless jury stuff.  

2034 - Jesse Ritch   - His name may be good, but he's poor when it comes to his taste in outfits and song because its very out of tune.  He was in Deutschland Sucht ein Superstar but they clearly had better taste than the Swiss.  This is the worst sung song of the 9. It just passes you buy but the plethora of bad notes could well get you bleeding from all your aural orifices ( and some non Aural ones as well).  3 minutes, sometimes, is far too long

2029 - Nicolas, Song number 8.  Thankfully there is only one more to go.  It's called Wake Up, but it'll need a bomb up his arse in order for him to wake the Swiss Voters.  He likes the camera, but i think that his band are better than he is and it just sorts of falls off at the end. Franko thinks its the best in it - he's deranged.

2019 - Melissa - The supposed favorite sounded very flat to me - but I was in the khazi and getting a cider so who knows lol

2008 - Song 6. Nill by name and nill by nature.  It's a very poor album track that will make Europe go to the bog if it is in Malmo, but I suspect we'll be escaping that luxury.  Here at OnEurope Towers we have had our fill of cheese for now and are currently eating fudge, packed by yours truly...

1956 - Song 5 - It's the Sally Army Band singing a song about peace and love.  Now Bighead has flopped massively, this is the obvious winner to be honest from here.  Not a bad thing to be honest as it a very good song and contemporary, I just worry about a 90 year old from the army being on stage!.  It's downfall, if it has one, is the very cliched lyrics and it plods on to everywhere you would expect this song to go.  It ticks all the Eurovision boxes, Middle 8 and all.  Do the Sally Army like the Friend of Dorothy?!

1945 - Song 4 - The song that needs no introduction, clearly the winner.  However it is a bit weak on stage with no backing track that was in the video.  Someone somewhere has done a number on this song, in a bad way.  It has lost everything that it had in the preview video.  I am mortified and disappointed in equal measure.  It still makes me smile but it has lost everything that was good about the song. 

1938 - Song Number 3 - Sophie and Leonard.... First thought - You don't get to see an Accordion on Eurovision any more.  However Leonard ruined the song after about 2 seconds of his first note.  This song does have a french feel to it - but again its too..... bland for it to have anything standout about it.  I feel that this could have been alot more, and a bit louder and uptempo perchance.

1935  - time to speak to the pointless jury!!

1928 - Song Number Two, Chiara.  Like her namesake she's trying to sing a song from the heart, but unlike her namesake she clearly IS a stranger to pies as she is wafer-thin.  Vocally however, its very Italian but I think that its very slow to get going and really doesn't do a thing for me.  It would appear that the Swiss Italians have a hangover from Sinplus.  F Minus for this one to be honest.   She's going to have to lose the hat as well.

1921.  Song number one - Ally.  One of our cohorts said " don't like it, too jazzy for me" - he's spot on of course - She does seem to just be wandering about the stage for no good reason other than being here to make up the numbers.  Its very formulaic Jazz that some people would like.  Should this get to Malmurrrr, It'd do a big fat 0 as it doesn't light anyone's imagination.

1919 - We might be about to start...... hopefully.   If anyone is reading, PUT DOWN THAT FOOD, MILK THE CAT - we're about to start.  

1916 - Fat lesbian on Swiss TV.  Someone explain why this is on my screen?? - Nothing to do with the show I suspect, but the swiss love her.

1911 - showing off some background from the jury.  They are, in no particular order:
Sanna, Danijel,Claudio and Mali.  They are all Swiss nationals with "foreign" roots.

1905 - And we're off - Sven to come on stage and open the stage and we're off - songs will be on in a minute - though we are having a technical moment here at OnEurope towers - but my technician has fixed it ( he's a good Estonian!)

1903 - waiting........ again ;o)

1840 - Still waiting for the stream to start but it will - soon enough.  I have pizza and Diet coke - what could POSSIBLY go wrong?!?

1813 - Here we are waiting for the Swiss Final live from the setee where I am watching this from!!!  This will be updated as and when things happen!! - Which might not be much lol!


  1. Do u buy the Turkish reasons for withdrawing from this year?

    It sounds like a lot of bullocks, isn't it?
    Suddenly they don't like the 50/50 vote or the 5 automatic finalist.

    All in all it stinks


    Welcome back,hopefully future finals will be on live chat, which is the service we are use to from this site:)

  2. song 1 - pleasant enough.

  3. song 2 - can only imagine what a singer with a voice and presence could do with the song.needless to say it ends without been lifted up.sounded like it ended to early

  4. Song 3 -lost and forgotten

    Song 4 - Weak, is and understatement to how this has potential but not in it's current form.

  5. song 5 - a Schlager anthem.can do a lot of damage, but they need to change the mix a bit, so it will sound even better.

  6. song 6 - wrong singer to the wrong song.Miss some volume in the musical arrangement

  7. song 7 - weak voice for the leading singer.not really suitable for such a song.It's Europop by could do well but only if the change the singer.

  8. song 8 - a pleasant is melodic and works well and he sings it very well.Won't be surprise if it will win this

  9. Song 9 - it's Israel 2006 all over again.that song ended at the bottom.this is no better and will have the same result.

  10. for me it's between songs 5 & 8.Song 4 is not an option in it's current arrangement.

  11. WTF - they say the Swiss has no taste.those 3 finalist proves it(except song 5, which I can accept).

    and than they saved the day by choosing the "right"song of the 3.