Saturday, 29 December 2012

Happy New Year from OnEurope!!

Well.... more specifically me on behalf of the extended team really..

2012 has been difficult for the site, what with me not exactly being in Baku-On-Sea and other life shenanigans going on that most of you dont know, and wont know, about.  It is something of a shock, therefore, to tell you that we have survived pretty much intact for the duration of the year.

I admit we are not as technically flashy as some other sites, but we give you what you want.... not what we think you need to know - it's always been our mantra to do that - and, as far as we can, we'll do that for as long as people think they need to read what we write.

I want to thank Nick and Roy and Franko firstly for keeping me sane when my personal life has been falling apart around me, and by doing that, getting my head sorted out so I can give site what it deserves (!).  Jody and Monty for being invaluable in Baku and proving that the OnEurope name still has some credence with people that actually run the contest!, to Riigi for giving invaluable support through his secret bloggings and his current employer is lucky as hell to have him writing for them ( in my humble opinion).

Finally, I must thank you, our loyal and slightly unhinged readership, even if you come only for the music files ( mp3 whores that you are), or if you stay for the blog and the cheese and biscuits, dogs in shoes, cake and all the in-jokes that we have built up over the last 15 seasons, you clearly choose to come here out of your own free will, and for that the team and particularly myself, will always be grateful.  As British Caledonian Airways used to say " we never forget you have a choice", but we are glad that you choose to spend part of your Eurovision Experience with a bunch of middle aged weirdos!

On Behalf of the team, have a safe and happy 2013.


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