Saturday, 22 December 2012

FiK Rolling Blog

21.36 - And thats it... only 17 songs as Ani has been disqualified.  I'm off for a bit, might update with the winner in the morning - thanks for joining us tonight.. It's been...... LONG!! ;)

21.29 - Song 17 - Light lady rock now......  thankfully its nearly over!!

21.23 - Song 16 - Rap comes to Albania..and like most rap, its a bit shocking to be honest!! - Old man and his young/old son singing at me....

21.18 - Song 15 - Ku Je? - Another nothing song, best thing about is the drum beat and the ethnicy instruments.  It's lift lobby music!

21.15 - Song 14.  This is more like it - a bit of a powerful rock song, but I thought that it was in English - clearly the Joe Cocker of Albania here...

21.07 - Song 13 - Identitet.  All I can think of is " is it over yet"? - You need a constitution of strong stuff to get through this!! - More 80's rock 

21.02 - Song 12 - Anjesa..... Sounds like a slower version of her other songs, but this is clearly the best thing in it so far.  She has got a more rounded voice and it just looks the winner.  

20.53 - Song 12 -  NO - Adverts!!

20.49 - Song 11 - S'Jam Perfekt This is more like it - A decent song but, oh no, it goes horribly wrong in the bit between the verses - grrr! - But she sings it well enough - and she does look like every other winner!!
(Tech note - sorry if you havent been seeing this properly - Blogger is being inept!)

20.44 - Song 10 - This could well be the favourite to be honest - its a big old ballad!

20.40 - Song 9 - Dëshirë - Could mean Desire, could mean Traffic Warden for all I know.  This is very.... Ireland in the mid 90's.... Typical jury song, thankfully this song will have to impress a jury.  Very nicely sung, but could well be lost....

20.34 - Song 8  Kush ta dha këtë emër? - Jesus Christ she really isn't the prettiest.  That dress is accenting her....well.... Face really!! - more rock guitars and a staccato song that is actually quite pleasant and she has a good voice ( better than her face) - it'll do ok but not a contender. 

20.31 -  A flower presentation to someone.......

20.27 - Song 7 by Groupy Lynx - apparently.  Not sure which one is Africa and who the other ones represent, but I can smell a dog of a song with a very bad harmony in the first few bars.  More 1980's guitars and long rawk hair.  Oh dear oh dear...

20.22 - Song 6 now - S’jemi më atje by Kejsi Tola.  Not sure what to make of this.  Again, it doesn't do a great deal of anything but she is a "name" and she is selling it well.... I just think there are too many ballads in this contest and this isn't the best of them.  Carry me in Your Dreams was tons better.  This, however, has the obligatory (for 2013) rawk backing.....  not convinced. 

20.15 - If there is anyone out there and wants to get in touch - tweet me at @oneurope_esc and, if I get any, i'll shove em on the webs!!

20.14 - Adverts!

20.10 - Some presenter business - I think that there is a green room presenter that is looking slightly older than the pretends to be... and emerald green.... for the green room clearly!

2007 - Ti? Song 5.  I suspect we'll need something stronger by the time this is over.  Albanian women, it seems, are not blessed with beauty, but - having said that, she has a cracking voice and is powering this all over the place which is good.  Finally a semi decent song.  Should make the top few, but the false ending trick isn't up to much. 

2001 - Song 4 - Ylli im polar.  I thought right up until the song opened, that Kelly was a woman - how wrong can you be.   Another soft rawk song that leaves me cold.  If I had to pick a winner out of the first 4, it would have to be song 1 - which is a damning indictment i suspect.  

19.57 - Song 3 -  Këtu fillon parajsa.  Pass me the Valium, there isn't anything that this baldy balladier can do other than change song midway through... oh, wait... he has livened it up - but I can't concentrate on anything but his bald pate.... next. 

19.51 - Song 2. Nuk do të ndal le - Ballad number 1 of the night.  Yeah its not bad, but doesnt set the world alight.  Typicaly formulaic and that, sir, is a fine head of hair!!

19.48 - Song 1.  I çmendur për ty,  Light rock, which means not very good.  Doesnt have a backbone in it.  Nice trousers though!

19.47 - I think we're off....

19.46 - Jury is being introduced... DOn't they look happy to be there!!

19.43 - The presenting duo seem to be a little.... whats the word..... amateurish?

19.39 - and we're off with a mixture of 2 vignettes!! - This can only end well! Lets hope the 18 songs live up to their usual standard! - Quick retrospective actually looks good.  Anyone agree this contest has got loads better in the last 7 years?

19.34 - Still no show - quick etiquette message - If you are gonna comment, make it sensible!! - Offensive will be removed etc..etc.... ( GET ON WITH THE SHOW PLEASE!!)

19.32 - Nice TVSH adverts with baubels... still no songs yet or indeed a show lol

19.28 - So many windows, will my laptop cope!! - Who knows, or cares ;) - Keep refreshing as I write my thoughts and feelings bout the songs.... blimey the stream has kicked in!!

19.24 - Evening all - time for a rolling blog of FiK 2012/13 - No live chat shi - sorry, but this is the closest you can get ;)


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  2. Will Miss Ikonomi atend the show?

  3. Replies
    1. A pitty she never won FIK

  4. I agree, this contest has got loads better in the last 7 years!

  5. I agreee, the presenting duo seem to be a little amateurish