Sunday, 16 December 2012

Blogging - on the train - It's yesterdays technology today!!

For an IT Manager, i'm a bit technically inept but I worked out how to tether my Iphone and now we have the net and a laptop on a train -  It's the past come right upto date.

Anyhoo, I hear you cry, what did I think of the 2 songs picked. 

Belgia.... oh dear oh dear.  Only they, and possibly TVE, can make a 3 song final last all morning, then pick the worst one of the three.  It's dire and he looked awful  and sounded hideously off key throughout the performance.  Nope... Not a prayer.

Switzerland, however, have done a good thing.  The Monkey, bless him, was weak - therefore the door was open wide for Melissa, wasn't it? - Clearly not, and I think that the Salvationistas have won by a wide margin.  Jessie was my shocker of the night - how on earth did that come top 3.  Clear he got the DSDS votes but there cant be that many people in Shitzerland that watch German Telly?!?!

Anyhow - back to my technical ineptitude and I hope this posts!!

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