Sunday, 27 January 2013

Is that really the best Denmark can do?!

Well having made such a big thing of the final, DR flattered to deceive, again.  Whilst the show was chock full of production values in Herning, the self deprecating humour and the almost stinky smell of " why does Europe not love us anymore" really did leave a sour, almost bitter taste in the mouth.

Coming from the UK, i'm almost used to this, but from Denmark, a country that does have a decent record in the Eurovision, I was almost disgusted to my very core -  Ten songs of almost standard quality, down to a so-called superfinal with three of the blandest songs I have ever had the misfortune to hear - Mohammed and his flat voice was possibly the most blood boiling, pain enducing 6 minutes that I have suffered in a Eurovision - clearly his parents and his "fans" voted this one through, Stay Awake by Simone was more of a command rather than a song, I suspect..

Then onto the "winner" - How many times can you repeat the same phrase in a song! - Saying it more than once, doesn't make it right!  Emmille is struggling with her own song, Europe will be struggling to vote for it and Denmark will, on balance, be asking themselves the same questions.

The answer is simple, CHANGE THE FORMULA.  Being bland and boring and "safe" only works a few times, It may have worked in the past, but Eurovision is changing, DR have to change with it, sadly they are believing its a local contest for local people..... It really isn't!!

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  1. The Danes shot themselves in the foot. they at least 2 songs that could do well, but those 2 songs never even got to the super final.

    What they eventually choose, was the safe and bland instead of taking a risk.