Saturday, 2 February 2013

4 fecking hours!!


Whilst I love this island and its pea pastizzi, cake, water, weather..... four hours to eliminate 8 songs is a little bit excessive.

We tried, and failed, this morning to interview Christophe from Heilsarmee, however we did not come back empty handed... We now know the following :

They were got together through a casting show ( God idol?!)
They have yet to decide their name and look.
The EBU have done them a favour ("We were big in Switzerland, but the EBU's decision has made us "That band that has to change its name)
They didn't know what was going to happen in Malmo, but they were looking at a good show and the result was unimportant....

Pretty standard fayre then I guess.  We didn't ask him "Babbon or badger?" or " If Switzerland was a cheese, what would it be?" - but if we get to see him tonight, we will.

Tonight, Sixteen songs will be whittled down to Deborah C or Amber if I am any judge ( which I am not) - and may the best song win!!

I'll try and update tomorrow and Monday but thanks for staying with us!!

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