Sunday, 3 February 2013

Maltesers melt in your mouth, not in your hand

So OK, I'm still stuck somewhere in northern Europe, but my compass has most definitely been pointed southward.  More precisely, at the powerhouse of song that is Malta.  Last night I watched the riotous cavalcade of song that I blogged about recently.  I was most impressed.  There was all sorts of fun stuff.  Soft rock stuff.  Balladic stuff.  Second class Schlager stuff.  Something for everyone in other words.  And the final didn't last the predicted five days.

Did I like the winner?  I really did.  The Kevin Borg song was OK.  Only OK.  We have to bear in mind that if TVM had opted for the 50/50 jury/televoting method, then he would now have the golden ticket to Malmö's fair city - Slagthuset/Slaughterhouse and all.  But no.  It is the pocket-sized Gianluca Bezzina heading north instead.  Them Maltese are always damn good fun and, so I've been told by my cohorts on the Med's happiest rock, they will be damn good fun in Sweden in May.

What else has been happening?  A national final in Iceland which produced a decent winner.  Hairdressers must be in short supply after the crash the other year.  He's threatened to sing in Icelandic which I would like but would be a brave move in this increasingly monoglottal world.  I'll reserve judgement.

Hungary, Sweden and Norway have also had semi-finals, and I know hours of material will have been blogged about them. You'll know doubt already have an opinion on the lucky songs.  If I feel inclined I'll have a gander at them and post my considered opinion in the coming days.

Stay lucky.  R x

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