Friday, 1 February 2013

So, what did you do last night?!

While my cohort gently slumber, being as they are still on UK Time and Not CET, I think it would only be befitting to describe what we did last evening. 

Now as many of you know, I pretend to be an organized kind of man, however reading a bus time table was clearly beyond me last evening and between us all we got all narked and went out to Paceville ( The home of Claudette)…  Paceville is what I can only describe as Vegas meets Skegness a la Med.  It has more neon lights than the MEB would like you to pay for, more high class “gentlemans clubs” that I have ever seen in my life (some of which describing a life changing experience….  Well it certainly would have been if I had gone into them) and a set of steps descending to the waterfront which were very very steep, with bars on either side with more obligatory neon lights.
Having descended into Hades, we then looked for suitable eating establishments that we not…. Well…. Generic, and after several seconds of choosing, we went for a generic American diner, replete with genuine Americans in it.  (Cue wails of “oh it’s allllll so quaint and other catch all Americanisms).    We all ordered plates of meat, some of us were instructed to eat the fresh meat and not the frozen shite as it came with extras, and waited for it to be slapped at us and for us to be thoroughly disappointed.  
Thankfully the food was good and plentiful and tasty which then made up for the long walk to try and find a bar that served Cisk ( that didn’t take that long I hasten to add) – We ended up in an Irish Karaoke bar where scouse MC “Neil” was not, as you would expect singing the classics, but had a myriad of off the wall songs with lots and lots of words which astounded the assembled throng of ex-pats no end.   Our cue to leave, however, came when 2 local lovelies decided to murder a Rhianna song about murder…..
We got the bus home and then topped that off with a walk along Sliema front to find a lovely quaint bar with French pictures on the walls and UK newspapers on the ceiling….
In Cheese news, we had plenty of cheese and then some yesterday, so you won’t be disappointed!!


  1. It must be all very, very exciting!
    What about a comprehensive comment on the songs for tonight? You could easily play pretend you're at the eurovision final itself (it goes beyond me how they didn't work just a tiny litle bit harder to have 25 songs, as they should)!

    Personally, in the final, I would like to have corazon, because she was fabulous last year and she's bound to be again whatever year we are. Then I like chris grech, melanie zammit, the bond girl davínia, IF she drops the backs vocals silly chorus, and richard edwards, both solo and in the exciting duet with the also hard working petra.
    (What's the thing about the fall of the Roman empire, though?)

    Plenty to get your hands into, I would say. AND you can still have as much cheese as you like!

    Cheers guys, have fun, we sure will!, henrique

  2. There might well be a review in our own stylee later on this evening after some food and several Cisks ;)