Sunday, 3 February 2013

It's 2.05am in the Morning Malta time

and I have just frequented the local Chick-King restaurant for a "royal delight" - fried chicken in a style that only they can, chips and a repeat of Maltasong on TVM.

Yes, once wasn't enough - i'm working and watching it again... just to make sure the queeny fans did indeed get trololololol'ed by real music!.  Kevin lost for many reasons...  arguably one of them being the 87.5-12.5 televoting jury split, or that it really wasn't that good of a song.  Tomorrow makes me happy, it makes me smile and more importantly, it makes Mr Bezzina smile and cry and his sister, Dorothy, was the first to congratulate him on stage this evening -  and that was sweet.

What was not so sweet, was's faux pas that went round the green rooms like wildfire in about 5 minutes after it had been posted and removed, such is the power of Social Media.  Despite it being a blank story it was got hold of and ran round like Roger Bannister and his 4 minute mile... Thank the Lord it was a place holder and not the real story, otherwise we would have been having a different conversation.

Props too to Deborah C who should continue to enter until she wins in my humble opinion.  9th was a decent enough result and better than last year ( even though last years was a better song) - You're getting closer...

Malta have chosen real music over pap - people's heads explode at that concept (mostly Schlagerqueens) - It'll go far!

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