Thursday, 1 March 2012

The BBC are total and utter geniuses!

I think that the BBC are complete Geniuses.... Englebert can actually sing, doesnt have to learn to dance "awkwardly" - has stage craft and presence, he'll work the Audience, He'll have a song written by a half decent song writing team - for once in the last few years, it *will* be about the song, because we dont have to worry about whether the singer can sing!! - No Blue moments, No Awkward Josh Dancing, No 16 yr old slapper on stage, No Jemini Moments, No Half arsed wannabe's...... WIth the right song, this could well be a decent, if off the wall, effort.


  1. I was a little - just a little, mind - non-plussed by selecting someone like an aging crooner from a lesser East Midlands city.

    However, thinking about it, he's an inspired choice. The headlines about 'Bert are bound to eclipse those by the car crash that is Jedward. We all know he'll put in an assured performance. And to be honest, I now don't care where we finish on 26 May. The audacity of entering Gerry Dorsey speaks volumes in itself.

    For once, and I never thought I'd be saying it, good for the BBC!

  2. Having got over the shock I agree that this might just be a masterstroke. Two things concern me slightly. At 75 his voice may not have the power it once had. And he really needs a good song. A ballad, I hope, something relevant for a man of his age, perhaps reflecting on the life he has lived (not 'My Way' but you get the idea). Good luck to old Gerry. It could be a very moving sight to see him crooning away at Eurovision. And I'm actually quite excited by the prospect of hearing the song.

    1. "Relevant for a man of his age"? "Reflecting on the life he has lived"?

      I do believe C'etait ma vie is still free!

    2. No it isn't and you are very cynical. There's a real chance that Englebert will take a decent ballad and have us all shedding a tear. I hope he pulls it out of the bag but it all depends on THE SONG.

  3. It's fair to say that Engelbert is better at ballads, and the UK's last two top 5 finishes were both with ballads. I realise the contest has changed big time since the fair Jessica Garlick sang for us, but I really have high hopes this year.

  4. The biggest selling song of the past 12 months is a track by Adele: 'Someone like You'. It's a ballad. Go Engelbert! (never thought I'd type that!).