Monday, 19 March 2012

I'm sat here.... with a sore throat.... after listening to the Hump...

With a massive smile on my face - then I read some of the usual guff that so-called fans write, namely on the BBC's page, and and other well known sites and it hurts my heart.  So lets dispel some of the most widely written bollocks right here and now shall we?

1. " It's an embarrassment....." - ok? - Why?! - To take an Ali G-Ism " Is it bcoz he iz old?" - So what? - Just because you are not Loreen, or Tooji doesn’t mean you can just wither and die in the corner!! -  The aim of the contest is to win or at least do very well in it, it is NEVER the aim to get record sales out of it.  I have not seen a single good reason to say why people are embarrassed by an artist that has sold MILLIONS of records and is still selling them today - has just completed a world tour and is completing another one immediately before the contest.  He is in it for the win, not the lolz!

2 " It's not contemporary" - No, but this is the Eurovision - apparently, if you have lived in the UK for the last 30 years, nothing we ever enter is contemporary.  However, Fairytale wasn't contemporary of 2009, Running Scared is hardly contemporary of 2011 so that argument goes up in a puff of smoke.

3. " We didn’t get to choose him" - Yes, that’s right - because as of late the UK public have done *so* well in that area - Lets look at the evidence here.  The last 4 years the UK public got to choose the singer and the song we finished  22nd, 19th , 22nd and 23rd scoring a combined total of 76 whole points - Take the UK public out of part or all of the equation and we score 283 points.  It can be argued that the BBC need to take some of the blame, but really the facts are there!!

Overall we have someone that can sing, with a simple tune that the Juries will love and the real televoters outside of the UK will have to think about before picking the phone up - I think that this could do as well as Italy did last year.  If it does, i'll be so fricking happy!!


  1. This little Brit is also pleased with the prospects of what Baku might bring for the UJK this year. The Hump is on first which, whatever people say, is still one of the more desirable draws. It's also a damn good opener of a song. He's not going to be too much of a turn off for Mrs Ivana Ivanova in Sofia or Mrs Jóhanna Sigurðurdóttir in Kirkjubæjarklaustur. And maybe, just maybe, it could be one of those songs you can picture being sung with the credits rolling up at the end.

    All it needs to stand out even more is for some Swedish nonsense to be drawn second...

    1. My problem with the 'Enge', the 'Hump' or, quite possibly, the 'Dink', is the song. Believe me, I wanted to love it. But, let's be honest, there are some very odd key changes going on. The big one towards the end jarrs badly and spoils the melody. I guess the juries might quite like it (though we said that last year about Blue and they hated 'I Can'). Having drawn pole position I think Englebert will do well to figure in the top 10.