Thursday, 29 March 2012

I am gonna say this once and once only.

If you don't like what you read here, that's cool, but at least put your name on a comment so we can either go "yup. Yer right" or "hahahahahah" and mock you senseless.

Most of you that come here know what the form is, and that ain't changing. We're not esctoday or so if you are looking for sanitised reports both in terms of the reviews and the rehearsals, with no personal input and a party line Eric Honicker would be proud of, you may wish to consider your choice of reading material.

However, if you are prepared to see lots of cheese references, possible cake porn shots, descriptions of Baku, mad Estonians, real journos chipping in, or indeed dogs in shoes from Moscow, may I entice you with something from the wine list?? Sit down, relax and enjoy.

It's been the same for 13 years, it ain't changing now!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Well said Mr Phil sir. Other websites tellus what we want to hear - Sweden should have won the contest every time since 1329 - or other such guff.

    This one gives you a more sideways look at the whole darn shindig. Maybe, even, correspondents from other websites use this one to vent their spleens. And in that way, it's far more entertaining.

    Keep up the good work. John, UK