Thursday, 7 March 2013

And so it beings......

... *sigh*

The BBC have announced that Bonnie Tyler will be singing the UK song in Malmo and, within seconds of the starting gun being fired, the same old people on "the internets" are saying the same old things about the entry that they do every year. -

I'm not going to repeat them, because i'm sure, dear reader, you know who I am talking about and what they are saying and they are becoming as predictable as a Eurovision press conference question about singing your song in your own language being asked and, just like those press conferences, I'll give them a wide berth and be objective ( I suspect people look in the dictionary about that one).

I'm going to divide this up into 3 parts :

Song - Yeah it's 1980's power rock lite - granted but its crafted well and written by an established song writing team.  This is a bonus.  People claim its forgettable - however, my counter-argument is - "So you have been saying that about many songs this year!!" - It's a non vintage year and there are many songs that are the same type and style.  This one fits in with that mould.

Voting - As said above, it's a fish, in a large school of fish, in a large pond.  it's oen of several songs that are going to be begging for the same votes.  That, granted, is going to be a problem.  However, where this one leaps above them, is that it's clearly aimed at the jury scores.  remember, they are instructed to vote for well crafted, professionally written songs, and you clearly can't say that this isn't one of them - combine that with the fact that Bonnie can actually, you know, hold a tune in a bucket live and provided she believes in the song that should have some extra weight.
Televoting, however, is a different matter.  "those people" will have you believe that everyone that votes is either 16-25 or tone deaf.  He're a clue, they might be the 2nd, but they are not the first!  There is a lot of people that vote who remember the 80's and who she is.  She has a shot, but its dependant on the draw too!

Result - This is the total unknown here. There are going to be such a wealth of underwhelmingness clogging up the higher reaches of the scoreboard - votes are going to be all over the place and with the scatter gun aproach to voting, no one can be sure as to where it's going to end up.  It *could* be top 10, It could be accidently 26th (totally unlikely to be honest). 

Overall - It's a perfectly pleasant song which will be sung well by someone with relevant stagecraft experience, had millions of record sales and who performs regularly.  Ultimately, what's wrong with that?!


  1. I remember you were using some of the arguments, above when the BBC has announced the song and performer last year. To say that it did below expectation, is an understatement.
    The song is ok, it can do well or just bomb.We'll have to wait and see how it comes in a live performance and hoping she won't miss a note, like what happened last year.

  2. As with every eurovision song its all going to be down to the staging and vocal performance. I've seen great UK entries ruined by a bad vocal (please see Gina G) and average UK entries lifted by a great vocal (Jessy G and Imaani for example). I've also seen good esc entries suffer from that terrible complaint - death by staging (such as the stupid little dance of drip drop).

    In studio i think Bonnie's song is pretty good, but until we hear it live and see the staging i have absolutely no idea how its gonna do.