Sunday, 31 March 2013

My slightly delayed 2nd half review - PLUS tips!

Well after the fantabulous success of the audio shite - we'll go for the written word instead huh?

From the first moment I heard this song, it made me have a smile on my face. It is totally and utterly brilliant and can you remember another Eurovision song that has the word "Tsunami" in it?? - It's a song of the old school schlager with that modern twist ( I know i'm making it sound like a cookery program) It even has a key change in it - what more could you want?! - Apart from the ablilty to make people vote for it perhaps. I think this should escape this semi final in a top position, and should Cha-cha its way into the lower reaches of the final result. It *is* light on substance, but Europe like Fun... sometimes.

No amount of cosmetic surgery on this song can hide the fact that Belgium's broadcasters have totally either given up or lost the plot. Its a MOR, average track sung by someone that would be better at his sisters wedding than at a Eurovision Song Contest,. About 50 seconds into the song you realise that its going to do nothing else and despite the fact that its inoffensive, it doesnt have the requiste attack to do anything. It loses the listener at about the same point and it gives them nothing to re-engage with.

Desparate Olympics, apparently, doesn't sing this song - but desperate is about the best way to describe this effort. It's a woman singing a Ballad, now there's something the contest needs (!). To me it is a nice ballad, but Cyprus seem to think its 1987 when this kind of song would have done well, and even with the schlagerists requisite keychange I can't for the life of me see who is going to pick the phone up for this and, frankly, the juries are in trouble as well - It doesn't stand out which it has to do in this semi final but, having said all of that, *something* has to qualify.

Ryan on the Dole thinks his song is actually Popular in the first few seconds, then he's on his knees begging for votes. Its a low budget Cascada for the male singer in my opinion but its sailing through this semi final as it is different enough to get people voting for it. It's strength is also its weakness, however, people have heard this kind of thing before and that might be it's undoing in the Final (which it will definitely get to), Juries not so much, Televoting, yeah.

I wonder how they had billions of Semi Finals to get to this - It's My Star 13 years too late, It has the same vibe, but with no talent and no group to help him.

Oooh look, another female wordy ballad! - However, this one has something that makes it stand out, Moldovan. To me, however it was better in English but they have had to do something to get them to stand out, so why not make it Moldovan?! - It doesn't half work though but, like a couple in this bit, it reminds me of something else that I have heard before - but I think that it could have got an advantage by not being in English. Yup, this is qualifying!

I understand that this is called "dubstep" and has a lot of people going " cor blimey" when they see a pair of ladies Funbags.... but back to the song..... Am sure in its genre its very good ( So Roy Tells me), and I can see it qualifying - but in the Final... not so much.

A Serbian Dance song which I happen to like, it'll have cross border appeal and enough of a decent stand out for it to get through the first bit I suspect. In the final, however, it'll be in the mid table melee.

Qualifiers From this Semi Final I think the Following :

Belarus, Ireland, Moldova, Serbia, Estonia, Denmark, Ukraine, Russia - Definitely
Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Lithuania - In the Shake up
Belgium, Cyprus, Austria - Nope

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  1. Since your audio was such a success, maybe you will consider to publish it in writing:)
    I could only hear your view about 3 songs when the audio stopped.