Saturday, 9 March 2013

Greeting from Bucharest!

Yes, in an unprecedented spot of cosmopolitansm, On-U not only bring you Uncle Monty live from The hall in Sweden, but little me in the green room in Bucharest!

Will Luminita Anghel make it a second appearance in the finals, despite some facial surgery that could curdle milk? Will the gloriously stompy Electric Fence go one better than last year and bag the ticket to Malmo? Will scary Cezar hypnotise the voting public, or will the boy soprano dazzle us all?

And will we all be singing "Spinning spinning spinning round" for hours after the show has finished?

Only time will tell, and I'll be there, backstage to give uou a blow by blow account! If I can get wifi on my phone...

What other site gives you all this, eh?

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