Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2013 Part 2 - ARMENIA Lonely Planet by Dorians

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Blimey, we’re only two songs in and already we have our second rock song! It doesn’t all end up like this, believe me, we’ve got plenty of ballads still to come, and thankfully a few uptempo numbers although admittedly it is an odd year. Armenia has called in the support of Tommy Iommi, founder member of Black Sabbath, to do the songwriting honours, and he’s already quoted as being wary of the panning his song might face. He’s right to be concerned.  With only 4 songs in their national final, all performed by the same band the Dorians fronted by Gor Surjan, the Armenians didn’t really have much to choose from to be fair, but based on this they might as well have sat another year out. It was disappointing not to see them last year as neighbours and foes Azerbaijan hosted, an opt-out based on genuine security concerns and a bit of political posturing, although given the stonewalling any Armenian Eurovision song faced after one slipped onto the playlist in the EuroClub this may have been a wise move. Gor himself needs a crash-course in charisma before he takes to the Malmö stage as this is decidedly lacklustre at the moment, but any pizzazz he is able to add will only be window dressing around what is a disengaging tune. “We can stop it” sings Gor at the end. You rather wish he would.

My score: 2 points

Monty x

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