Friday, 8 March 2013

The March hair and the final songs push

I'm still alive folks!

Despite the vast quantities of caipirinha and beer consumed in three and a half weeks in Brazil and the lake of red wine quaffed over the festive period, Rosé is still kicking and ready for another bash of this madness we call the song contest.

The fact I took ALL my winter leave in one lump smack bang in the middle of national finals season to go and sashay on the Brazilian beaches for almost a month is now leaving me with a Melodifestivalen headache! In that I CAN'T RUDDY GO!!  I had relied on days off but hadn't remembered it's Mother's Day so most other trolley dollies (close to their mums, and that's most of em to be frank) had requested the same days off.  I'd even got a semi new 'do' for Stockholm, well a different shade of peroxide at least, wanted to appear more Swedish in the hope of not being ripped off at the bars, ahem!

So I'm stuck here in London (with new hair) and working the trolley tomorrow to Tel Aviv instead of trolling around Slussen singing in bad Swedish, trying not to fall off Patsy boat and looking for the McDonald's at 5am!  I suppose it will save me about 5000 kroner and at least three hangovers?  Every cloud and all.. Plus I will be watching MF tomorrow in the company of an my gorgeous Israeli friend Betty who cares about all things Swedish more than the most schlagery of fans I know.  Shalom Sverige!?  It has a ring to it....

Talking of those two, I'm liking the MF lineup in what has, again, been described as a bad year. The late addition of the two twinks (both with massive hair) from the Andra Chansen has upped it for me into an average year for Sweden rather than a dull one.  Anton has the sexiest little dance moves and a half decent up tempo number and Robin has a radio friendly song and an impressive pyro wall. Ulrik Munther squeals Tell The World I'm Queer and any of those three for me would be a worthy winner though I can't remember the last time something that came through AC won the thing (though someone will tell me no doubt). Ulrik has Danny's opening slot (ooer) so must be in with a shot but the bookies are backing Yohio.  I don't get Yohio though admittedly I don't know much about the artist but I do feel the song is very dated and only carried over the line by a flamboyant and clearly popular singer. The one to watch could be the fiery Ralf which has gained support in the closing stages, I'd prefer him to win than Yohio but let's see what transpires.

Israel went all Melodifestivalen on us and provided us with some very pleasing on the eye performers, noteably Judah Gavra, however the winning power ballad is leaving me a little cold. That is a really big deal to me, for those that have come within five miles of me will know I'm a big old ballad girl. I want to love it! I mean Israel is my new Portugal!!  I just find it all pained and forced and a but shouty although the sound did seem a little off at times during what was otherwise a good kdam final. Some people seem up in arms that Shany Zamir won the televote yet scored nothing from the juries. Now I'd have loved her to win for her name and backing dancers alone, but she bludgeoned the last living breath out of that vocal!

I obviously am playing national finals catch up dear reader and I'm not the quickest at this, I only just did my last holiday washing three weeks after returning!  So I'll be wading through national finals for a while now but some last brief musings.....

I'm totally ok with our Bonnie for the UK for generally the same reasons as mentioned below by our
Phil and I'd love her to do well.  It's fairly catch on first listen and well crafted and I hope she belts it out and gets top ten!

I won't be popular with many for this but am so happy the Puhh nonsense didn't make it for Estonia! Truly awful in my book and no I'm not just a schlager and ballad boy!!

For me it's Norway's to lose at the moment! Totally contemporary and relevant. Margaret looks authentic, the sound of Feed Me Your Love is great and I can see this stomping home leaving the average main field of safe ballads far behind.  We've still got a few left to come but if nothing else changes, it's back to Norway next year folks.....

Or Tblisi...

Or Dublin...

Love it here don't we?!!

Lots of Swedish and Israeli love this weekend peeps!  Oh and Romanian too!!
We are not quite there are we!



  1. About Israel-I admit not being objective regarding Israel. When I like the Israeli song, I like it very much but when they send a crap song or someone who can't sing I will be honest about it.
    I admit I like the song.It is built nice and she can sing live.My only concern is how memorable this one is. I had to listen to it several times(and by several times I mean, at least twice than my usual 3 times)until I got it.

    There were complains about the styling of her, that can be fixed.But anyone expecting a swan comes May, will be disappointed.She seems to be comfortable in this style and seems to be expressing herself well.Just keep it in Hebrew, it sounds good as it is.

  2. I'm genuinely shocked and disappointed at the whole "meh" response to the Bonnis Tyler track. I LOVE IT. The best UK song, and one of the best vocals, since Katrina. I also find the lyrics really poignant. Yes, its performance in Malmo will come down a lot to the staging and the live singing. But if they can do a Johanna, it will be right up there.

    Incidentally, if this song had been recorded by the X Factor's Ella Henderson it would be a huge hit.

  3. Nice to have you back Rose. Tell me, which of the 'Come Fly With Me' characters do you most resemble? Melody of Keeley?

  4. Shai, you may be right, it's not quite instant enough as a ballad should be... I've no problem it staying in Hebrew! I love the sound of it!! It may be a bit heavy going for the casual viewer but let's hope it qualifies, ballad votes going to be spread thinly this year...

  5. Totally agree re Bonnie... It's a good solid song! I'm wracking my brain how Bonnie can bring it to life on stage... We don't need gimmicks but she needs to stand above the other ballads! I hope she sings the socks off it!

    Oh I'm more Melody than Keeley, Keeley sounds too common!! ;-).

  6. Shai, you may be right, it's not quite instant enough as a ballad should be... I've no problem it staying in Hebrew! I love the sound of it!! It may be a bit heavy going for the casual viewer but let's hope it qualifies, ballad votes going to be spread thinly this year...