Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2013 Part 4 - AZERBAIJAN Hold Me by Farid Mammadov

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In its short Eurovision history Azerbaijan’s performance has been very impressive, culminating in their 2011 victory that took half of the regular crowd to Baku last year. The remainder stayed at home, put off by the dual fear of high prices and highly staged political posturing. Neither quite turned out to be as bad as expected, and the genuine gusto with which many ordinary Azeris approached the Contest was borne out in a mixture of warm welcomes and friendly curiosity at us invading fans. Personally I loved it and would be back like a shot. Which we may yet be. Hold Me, cries Farid, an almost-swarthy type with eyebrows that one day may rival Dennis Healey’s. He ought to be careful what he’s asking as already there’s a disorderly queue of a certain persuasion lining up in the hope of doing just that as photos of the fruits of Farid’s labour in the gym are circulating the social networks. Vocally he needs a bit of coaching as at times he’s a bit on the nasal side and the more energetic (by which I means shouty) parts of his live performance appear to have been overdubbed in this video, but there’s time to sort all of that out. Whilst they’re doing that they’ll probably choreograph this to within an inch of its life for maximum effect (and I predict a golden-shower of fireworks at some point, mark my words). Add into the mix it being just the kind of middle-of-the-road generic stock that can poll quite highly at Eurovision and with no Turkey this year for their wide diaspora to support this could scoop up just enough points to be back in Baku next May. If that happens then get your piece of Farid whilst you can before he becomes the next Dima Bilan.

My score: 7 points

Monty x

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