Thursday, 18 April 2013

In the words of Linda Bengzing....

Jag ljuger så bra! My my, I do indeed lie so well...

"Going to take it easy in Amsterdam, not going to have a late one on the Saturday as I have to take an early flight, not going to go to the Eurovision In Concert after party, no, no, no...." 

Lies all lies dear readers! Just five hours sleep on both nights in Amsterdam, not packing a ruddy coat for the weekend (those red light canal corners ain't half windy in mid April) and three very early starts at work has left me with a stinker of a cold that has me matching Bonnie Tyler on the raspy voice leader board. We are both only one chorus away from coughing up blood I'll tell you....

Hence, I've been a little slow to get onto semi two but I will, even from my sick bed I will...

Monty has given us a great review of the EiC, it was a thoroughly enjoyable show and well done to the organisers for putting it all together. Wonderful!

Of course, we all know each year we try to glean something from the performances we see at EiC, who can't really sing it, who can, who has charisma, who doesn't....

Of course the EiC performances will differ incredibly from the ones we will see in Malmo and we perhaps shouldn't get carried away trying to analyse qualification chances from a stage performance at a preview concert. But we like analysing it all to death don't we....?

After viewing the concert, I wouldn't change my semi one predictions massively but Rosé's Qualification Agency would put a couple of countries on negative qualification watch after Saturday, Estonia and Slovenia...

Birgit sang well enough and, though I love this, It didn't have much impact in the hall and I think this has slipped back into the borderline qualification zone. 

Hannah from Slovenia could indeed sing and she promised us hot dancers in Malmo, yay! My only concern is her voice seemed a little shouty and I think this has potential to be a big old mess in Malmo. I hope I'm wrong. 

I already had Slovenia in the borderline zone and there she'll stay for now.

I wouldn't move anyone up to 'positive qualification watch' except to say that the Moldovan girl sang bloody well even though I think the song is still not strong enough. The Lithuanian boy has controlled his eyebrows better, though in concentrating so hard on this he really hasn't got energy to give any kind of engaging performance. 

Belarus stays in the borderline zone after a messy routine though its uptempo-ness and neighbours may help it. 

Cementing their place in my dead certs zone Ireland, Serbia, Croatia and Belgium. The Irish song went very big in the hall, the Serbian girls sang it very well (though there's a chance they may over flounce this a la Feminem), the Croatian boys sounded great and the Belgian boy belted Love Kills out despite an ear piece issue at the start. 

Semi Two coming soon everyone. We got a good idea of the second semi after Saturday.  Possibly the full, camp ESC Finnish performance, the static and dull Swiss one, the train smash that WILL be Romania, the Barbra Dex award may go Israel and that Gianluca from Malta oozes charm and this song stood out a mile. 

Now, where did I put those lemsips? 

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