Sunday, 14 April 2013

Semi Final 2 - Parte the Second


I totally understand why Greece have sent this...... "thing" to Eurovision - however, it really is just a "thing" - but it begins to annoy me before they even start to sing - always a bad thing, and its just going to be unfathamable for Europe....  Greece not in the final? - I hope so!


Someone once said " oooh that bird needs some Styling Och Consulting", and so it proves with Moran - looking like a primary school Geography teacher isn't the way to gain votes.  Thankfully the radio listeners to this contest will think that she is a cracking singer, and she is.  The song is of the typical Israeli ballad genre (something this contest *really* needs right about now) - *I* think it needs a key change, but thankfully there is enough on this 3 minutes to keep the audience interested.


Thank the lord he doesn't write the guidebooks of the same name, they'd be very very boring.  I seem to remember that someone from a rawk band wrote this..... sadly they forgot any song writing craft they ever had and produced *another* fcking ballad! - To me it sounds very monotonous and monotonic and doesn't really do anything other than end after 3 minutes... hurrah I say


The prize for this years trippiest video goes to this one, it's a little bit disconcerting! - I presume that his slightly off key singing is the "key" to the popularity of this song, but it is very simple in its performance - just a man singing at me in Hungarian, it has a nice rhythm to it and, again, its inoffensive - my worry is that whilst the juries will see this as an earnest song, the televoters wont get that excites and one may well balance the other one out.  Should just scrape through.


Margaret Cheese-Berger with a song about that fantastic gay fetish of "gaining"..... said no one ever! - This is completely different to most things in this semi final, indeed in this whole contest, I can't see a reason that this won't get through. 


This song was chosen *last year* and friend of this site, Roy D Hacksaw, thought it was a great song.  And it is a good one in this contest.   It's a very good rock song sung by a proper rock band, none of this faux rock Eurovision nonsense either.  Strong enough to gain votes from all over the place, I'd hazard a guess to say Top 10 in the final beckons.


Cinema.... CINEMA..... It's the world of Walt Dis-nay as Paola once spoke about.  It's not suitable for Diabetics like me, it's that sickly sweet that Lyle's Golden Syrup might be suing about people using their formula!!  It's whipped to within an inch of its life  and produced to within that inch! - Ughhh


I'm hoping this doesn't get though, based on its live performance at Melkweg this weekend, there is a fear that not.  - It could get wrapped up in its own self made hype....


Old Cezar here trying to be a cross between David D'or and Marlane Ehman and ending up being a sub Subo to be honest.  Even as its been drawn last, I don't think it has enough talent to do anything in this contest.

So, who's qualifying then?

Israel, Hungary, Norway, Albania, Georgia, San Marino. Azerbaijan, Malta, Bulgaria - Definitely

Then 1 from, Switzerland, Iceland and Finland  (Probably Iceland at a push)

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