Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2013 Part 9 - CYPRUS An Mi Thimase by Despina Olympiou

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There were very real questions over the Cypriot participation this year, as like neighbours (and close friends) Greece they are experiencing financial difficulties. Their answer seems to have been to trim the delegation down by electing a solo singer and making sure she hasn’t got a hope in hell of winning. In fact, why not make sure you haven’t got a hope in hell of qualifying, and you can be out of those expensive Swedish hotel rooms by the Wednesday morning. You can’t help but wonder whether they slipped somebody at the EBU a tenner to make sure they won’t even get an otherwise guaranteed 12 points from Greece by drawing them both in opposing semi finals. It’s a shame really, as the song is a pretty one and Despina looks perfectly pleasant. But pretty little wistful ballads need to be exceptionally pretty to do well in this big ugly bruiser of a Contest and this is no Stronger Every Minute which gained Cyprus a well-deserved 6th place in 2004. Without a killer vocal and an striking performance this just isn’t pretty enough to stand out. Perhaps next year the Cypriot banks need to enact a Eurovision levy too. Pulling off a good song next year could be the secret weapon to financial recovery, getting us all there to give the local economy a well-needed boost in 2015. I’m quite partial to a KEO beer and some halloumi as well.

My score: 5 points

Monty x 

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