Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2013 Part 27 - MONTENEGRO Igranka by Who See

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And so it appears that after all these years of power ballads, outlandish costumes and busy dance routines what Eurovision was really lacking was some hip-hop and dub-step. Yeah, get me, so down with the kids I can even bander these terms around as if I know what they mean. What I do know though, is that Montenegro has such an astute sense of just how poorly they’re likely to fare in Eurovision that they’re completely unbound by any sense of reason and can freely submit whatever they like. Last year we had Podgorica’s answer to Frank Zappa, Rambo Amadeus, and his spin on corpocracy, whilst this year we have Who See with this unlikely call to party. It’s difficult to ascertain quite what is going on in the video. We see two chaps resplendent in yellow safety overalls whilst two Balkan chicks (I imagine that’s how they’ll be referred to, at least that’s the polite version) have a sort of booty-off with a further two ladies going all-out in a cat-fight. They’re cheered along by some masqueraded revellers and a troupe of majorettes. This is some party! Musically we have some rapping and some other sub-genres I won’t trouble you with; it’s all a bit much for a man of my age to take in. And yet, I really quite like it. It’s a genuinely new style for Eurovision, and you have to give credit for that. It’s not, though, a style which is likely to benefit from a 6-person limit on the staging, nor a live setting, and though I’m reliably informed this kind of thing is all the rage in the locale, unless the televoting demographic has considerably widened I imagine the market for this on a Tuesday evening is probably somewhat limited. I doubt they’ll get a second airing on the Saturday, but you get the impression they know this, and it’s actually all part of the deal.

My score: 6 points

Monty x

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